Automatic Methane Potential Test System II

With the Automatic Methane Potential Test System II (AMPTSII) you are able to determine the methane potential and dynamic degradation of any biological substrate. The AMPTSII is the latest, most cost effective tool helping you get the most energy from your anaerobic digester, perform accurate recipe testing and determine the effectiveness of additives and boosters. With 15 potential test sites, user friendly set up and protocol, intelligent design and unlimited test data accessibility via the internet, the AMPTSII is the choice for today's informed Digester Operator, University lab studies, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator or food and beverage manufacturer for whom, knowledge is BIO-POWER!

The AMPTSII is one of the most cost competitive solutions in today's market allowing you to maximise profits through methane potential study. This in turn will translate into a higher volume of gas produced, allowing for higher profits.